Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cowboy Spuds

This is an absolute favorite with my husband's family and is one of my most frequently requested meals at home. Also great for a crowd because everyone can fix their "spud" to their own liking.

Baked potatoes
Ground beef- seasoned, browned, and drained
grated cheese
Ranch dressing- we love the Hidden Valley Ranch kind that you buy in the packets and make at home. It is strangely better than the bottled kind!

Bake potatoes and cut open on a plate. Top with meat and cheese and then pile on the "fixins." So good and so very easy!


Lacy said...

how do you season your ground beef?

Natalie said...

I agree about the Ranch...The make it yourself is 100x's better than the bottled kind :)

Lisa said...

I just use a little sea salt and pepper!

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