Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cranberry Salsa

*From Cammie Ward (via Katie Howard)

My cute friend Katie brought this dip to Book Group last week and I absolutely had to have the recipe! If you are looking for a yummy appetizer to bring to a holiday party, this is it.

1-12 oz. package fresh cranberries
3/4 c. sugar
1 jalepeno pepper- seeded
2 green onions
1-2 Tbs. fresh cilantro
1/4 tsp. cumin

Combine all ingredients in the food processor and mix until finely chopped. Pour over an 8 oz. block of cream cheese and serve with your favorite crackers. DE-LISH!


Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

We had this (or something similar) at our ward party last week and I was thinking I needed the recipe. Thanks Sassa :)

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